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Old 09 November 2007, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Kelfa83 View Post
I think way too many things can happen that could be very dangerous to the child.
I really wonder about statistics for that. Yes, leaving a kid in a locked car, in the heat, can be bad after even 15 minutes, and yes 'someone' can carjack the car and take off, but how do those risks compare to getting run over (for example) while walking into the store.
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Old 09 November 2007, 06:17 PM
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I remember being left with my brother and sister in the car while my Mom went in a store too. I don't really remeber the usual length of time, but I know it was more than "just a minute or two".

When I had my first child, I was told (can't remember by whom) that in TX, it was against the law to leave either children or pets alone in a car for more than five minutes. I don't know if it was/is true, it's just what I was told. I always assumed it took care of the "pop-in for just a minute" kind of situations that are just a part of life. It didn't bother me to leave her sleeping in her car seat as long as the door was locked, the temp was moderate, and I was sure that I could get in and out in just a few minutes. There were a couple of times when I did that, only to realize that I couldn't get out of the store as quickly as I thought, in which case I would either go out and get her or abandon what I needed to come back at a a better time.
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Old 12 December 2007, 04:53 AM
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Originally Posted by mouse goddess View Post
I'm sure I'm going to get clobbered for this, but is it that big of a deal to leave a kid who's strapped in a car seat, in a locked car, that's not running for less than a minute to go in and pay for gas?

I do it every now and then, because I don't want to face the get-her-out-of-the-carseat-carry-her-in-balance-on-one-hip-while-grabbing-money-cary-back-out-put-back-in-carseat dance.

I guess maybe someone COULD carjack my car, but I think this is more of that "culture of fear" stuff we live and die by.

Maybe I'm just an awful person.
Personally, I take my 11 mo. old with me on it-will-just-be-a-minute runs. I do not leave her more than a few feet from myself or a friend/my husband at any given time in a public space (this is because she can't walk, so she's either in the stroller or someone's arms)... I'm not obsessive or paranoid at all, I just take a couple easy (to me) precautions so I don't have to have that moment of doubt. Its the same way people put their children in car seats without thinking the whole time "I am doing this because otherwise, my child will be horribly injured from an inevitable car crash"--parents simply adopt to the habit of using a car seat, just because thats what you do, not out of an active or consuming fear. Sorry if that sounds a bit garbled...
In any case, I might have a different opinion if I lived in a smaller town--and if I hadn't had a car stolen and a friend who experienced an attempted hijacking. I can certainly see where it is reasonable for someone to leave a sleeping child in their seat in a locked car for just a couple minutes...its just not habitual of me.

and , I guess back on the main topic-- Those are some godawful parents and it is beyond absurd and irresponsible to claim a child got misplaced in 'the shuffle' of things. ha.
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Old 12 December 2007, 05:27 AM
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The last time I was at Disneyland, admittedly a verrrry long time ago, they provided a group of roving "nannies" who would mind your babies or other young children while you rode the rides. Doesn't Disney provide service like that anymore?
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Old 12 December 2007, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by rosa who else View Post
The last time I was at Disneyland, admittedly a verrrry long time ago, they provided a group of roving "nannies" who would mind your babies or other young children while you rode the rides. Doesn't Disney provide service like that anymore?
Nope. Not unless you want to pay something like $150/hour for a minimum of 3 hours to have a personal guest relations guide with you. And even then, they won't look after your child for you. They will run errands for you, but they won't watch your child.

How long ago was it that there were groups of "nannies"? I've never heard of anything like this before.
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