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Old 31 January 2019, 05:56 PM
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Default Texas Officials Begin Walking Back Allegations About Noncitizen Voters

Texas Officials Begin Walking Back Allegations About Noncitizen Voters

Last Friday, Texas Secretary of State David Whitley sent an advisory to local registrars asking them to look at their voter rolls. Whitley said his office flagged the names of 95,000 people who at one point in the past 22 years had identified as noncitizens with the Texas Department of Public Safety. In that timespan, officials said, they also registered to vote.

Voting rights groups have said the state's list is likely a list of naturalized citizens who recently got the right to vote.

[ . . . ]

Other states, including Florida and Colorado, have tried a similar voter purges aimed at alleged noncitizens. Before the 2012 election, Florida compiled a list of roughly 180,000 names. After local officials combed through it, only 85 people were removed from the rolls.
At least they tried this far enough before the next election to allow the pushback time to straighten this back out -- though I expect the statistic will keep showing up, uncorrected, in a lot of people's posts (not here).

A lot of the pushback seems to be coming from local officials. Good for them; even if some of the complaint may be that the state's trying to dump a huge pile of unnecessary work on them.
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Old 31 January 2019, 08:15 PM
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More than 500,000 immigrants become naturalized citizens every year. Texas has about 9% of the US population so there would be about 45,000 new Texas citizens each year. Over 22 years that is just under 1 million new citizens. So yeah, it is entirely possible that the 95,000 people identified became new citizens in that time frame.
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