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Old 15 January 2019, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by ganzfeld View Post
99% of the people who read this and have a gaffaw about it don't know the first thing about what makes navigating on a sphere different from a plane.
They don't have to.

They just have to know the first thing about flat Earthers, which is that they're anti-science.

Science doesn't require 99% of people to understand it to be real. I accept that the Earth is round without having ever seen it from space because I trust that the scientific community knows what it is talking about enough that I accept a scientific consensus as reality. This isn't an act of blind faith but an act of humility - I don't believe I know better than scientists so I don't contradict their fields of study to them.

Those who go against scientific consensus just because they don't understand it (whether it's flat Earthers, evolution deniers, climate change deniers, anti-vaccinators or any other group) aren't just ignorant, in my opinion, but are harmfully ignorant. They spread misunderstanding and obstruct the education of others. They're not just unscientific but anti-scientific.

It's not helpful to make fun of them to their faces, but it's understandable that people want to make fun of them among other people who aren't anti-science. They are a frustrating bunch and sometimes frustration needs venting.
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