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Old 10 April 2007, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Kutter View Post
I know when I was in high school in the 80s recruiters had no problems getting hold of student's info.
I graduated HS in 1980, and the school did not provide student information to recruiters. I know this, because no one in my circle of friends was interested in the military. The only one of us to be approached by them was the friend in whose name I submitted a number of response cards to various branches of the military.
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I graduated from HS in 1988 and I never received any sort of phone call from a recruiter. Though they did have military recruiter tables set up in the cafeteria during lunch, course they also had college recruiting tables too. I remember the summer that my brother graduated from the same High School(1991) he got a few calls from recruiters though. Course he played maybe they got his name from there. I remember getting a call from I think a Marine Recruiter asking for my brother. I politely told him that my brother was not interested since he was accepted into West Point(US Military Acadmey). The recruiter told me to pass on my congratulations to my brother(was very polite) and hung up.
And I hadn't even heard of the aforementioned military battery test and I went to school in Houston(i.e. it being a Southern thing to force kids to take the test).
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