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Old 27 August 2018, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by ASL View Post
The author's intent may be irrelevant.'s intent, however, was almost certainly to generate clicks and therefore ad revenue. In which case, riling up the base while encouraging those who should be reading the article to open it just long enough to share on Facebook along with their comments about how feminists hate men and this is proof are just was the editor ordered.
Hmm. Very cynical. And probably very correct.
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Old 28 August 2018, 08:00 PM
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The tactic of using offensive or abrasive approach can work only if someone is going to have the time and effort to put in that critical thinking after they've read the thing- which is probably an unlikely event after reading an article shared on social media for most of the population, I'd think.

In high school I remember reading Jamaica Kincaid's essay "The Ugly Tourist". It was off-putting and offensive, dismissive, aggressive. I would have walked away thinking that about the piece except for the fact that it was for a literature class and I had to write my own essay analyzing it. Only through writing my own response to her essay did I ask myself "Why is it written this way?" and come to understand it was a tactical decision *meant* to evoke negative emotions in order for the reader to understand what it was like to be the non-tourist whose homeland was a destination for others. It wasn't just "Man, she sure hates white people/rich people," but if I hadn't had to write the essay that may have been all I carried away from it.

Of course some people can figure this kind of thing out on their own, as evinced by otehrs in this thread reacting to this article. Maybe if I'd even just been a little older I would have picked it up during the read. On the plus side, it really did stick with me, as I still remember the 'lesson learned" from 10+ years ago.

Modern journalism is great for spreading sound bites, but for the kind of personal reflection required of some pieces, the medium just isn't optimal for that. People take the wrong impression and tuck it in like a football and run like hell, and will not be convinced their interpretation missed the mark.
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Old 28 August 2018, 08:19 PM
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From CityPages, a Minneapolis alternative paper:

U.S.-born American citizen in country legally charged in teen's death
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Old 28 August 2018, 08:46 PM
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It's too soon to talk about that, how dare you politicize this teen's death!

On a serious note, why is the legal charged with two counts of vehicular homicide when the legal mindlessly slaughtered only one citizen?
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Old 28 August 2018, 09:14 PM
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Different ways of committing the same offense.

Different jurisdictions may handle these issues in different ways, but, generally, if the defendant winds up being convicted on multiple theories of the same offense, they will wind up with only one punishment. The convictions themselves may also merge, so that the person only winds up with one conviction for that offense.
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