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Old 21 October 2013, 10:58 PM
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Canada 'Nimrod' means dumb because of Bugs Bunny?

I heard this from a friend today: before the 1930s, the word "Nimrod" didn't mean a dimwit or moron. But a Bugs Bunny cartoon-- featuring Elmer Fudd in his role as wabbit hunter-- changed that. Bugs Bunny saw Elmer coming after him, and says something to the effect of, "check out this Nimrod." Now, Nimrod was a mighty hunter in ancient legends (including the Bible), but kids who saw this cartoon were (mostly) unaware of the reference. They thought that "Nimrod" was a general insult instead of a sarcastic comparative reference, and started using "nimrod" as a slang term for stupid, and it's seeped into our culture as such.

Now, I found this through the Wikipedia page for Nimrod, but I haven't seen the cartoon in question, and I've only found the one (credible) reference. It sounds kinda ULish to me, and so I was wondering if anyone else knew or could verify this story.
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