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Old 20 November 2008, 06:47 PM
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Icon102 Smoking's Many Myths Examined

Unless you're living in a cave under the heart of Kentucky tobacco country, you know that smoking isn't exactly the best thing for your health. Scientists have succeeded in associating the habit with everything from countless cancers to bad-hair days, or so it seems with some reports.

Nevertheless, during the 33rd annual Great American Smokeout, many of the estimated 43 million adult smokers in the United States will choose to willfully continue smoking while grumbling about how the reported health risks are overblown.

In some respects they are right. A public health message has been spun to imply that not only will smoking surely kill you but it will come to spit on your grave after you die. This has caused a backlash among smokers who mock the health statistics and, persuasively to some, attribute most of smoking's ills to bad genetics.

A reexamination of the statistics might help to clear the air.
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