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Old 19 January 2018, 12:52 PM
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Teacher What was 'The Incident' at your school?

Every school has an incident which quickly becomes legend and becomes a talking point for years later, often creating an awesome reputation for a particular student because of a great stunt they got away with or ruining a student's life because of something really stupid they got caught doing.

My high school was pretty lame, the biggest thing that happened there was that some year 12 students broke into the school just before their final day and they took all the desks out of every room and made a huge pyramid out of them on the basketball courts and they also smashed the window to the French room, fed one of the fire hoses into there and flooded the entire portable. (That made the French teacher Mrs Haubenshcild cry which really upset me because she was one of my favourite teachers and she was a really nice lady. )
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Old 19 January 2018, 01:14 PM
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Senior year one of the seniors moved the big heavy rock that sat in front of another high school and was decorated in that school's colors to our high school's front walkway overnight. He apparently got someone with heavy equipment to move it.
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Old 19 January 2018, 01:33 PM
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When I was in college, a couple of seniors got caught cheating on their second semester finals. They were so close to graduating, but got kicked out of school instead. The gossip was divided between "Poor things, they must have caved under the pressure" and "How stupid can you be?"
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Old 19 January 2018, 01:57 PM
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[gruesome warning]

A kid from the other school across town got hit by a train, his body was pretty mangled apparently.

Another kid from our school decided it would be a good idea to take smaller body parts (fingers, etc) and put them around the school yard.

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Old 19 January 2018, 02:18 PM
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I'm not sure if this became legendary because it was kept a bit quiet, but a girl in our year got suspended (or expelled?) for giving somebody a blowjob on the school field during lunch break and being caught by a dinner lady. I assume the boy got suspended too, but I can't remember who he was - I'm not sure he was in our year.

The school caught fire once - workmen on the roof of the changing rooms accidentally set fire to some hot tar sealant or something - and burned the changing rooms, the corner of the gym and the back of the hall. When we were evacuated it took us a while to realise that there was a real fire and it wasn't just a drill. School was closed for a few days and the gym was closed for a lot longer. But again, this seemed to be forgotten fairly quickly. Then a couple of years ago, the whole school burned down more or less to the ground (during the holidays when it was empty, luckily), again because of something a workman did on the roof. So now the school itself is "legendary"...
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Old 19 January 2018, 02:27 PM
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Geeky student had a party when his parents were away. Just like in a teen movie, bad teens show up and trash his house, kill his fish. Rumours in varying degrees of what was destroyed.

Gym teacher fired (before I started there) for sleeping with student. He divorced his wife and married the student. Not sure how true it was. I knew his kids slightly and their parents were divorced, but I wasn't privy to why.
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Old 19 January 2018, 02:28 PM
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From my high school days it's a NSFBSK story about a girl discovering her body with wieners while her friends were hidden in the room, waiting to throw her a surprise birthday party...

I never believed it... it sounded like an urban legend, though I did not know the term at the time.
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Old 19 January 2018, 02:35 PM
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Ha, yes, I'm sure it is. We had the teacher who supposedly knocked himself out by dressing as Batman and jumping off a wardrobe onto his girlfriend, which people swore was true at the time. (In fact in one of the versions the girlfriend was another of our teachers, who I think actually was in a relationship with the first teacher at the time.)

Talking of teachers reminds me of a better legendary incident, though. One of our teachers was fired because he had a party at his house, and some of the fifth year (15 - 16 year olds) turned up there and somehow ended up getting drunk and crashing the teacher's car into a lamp-post. That did actually happen. He was quite a popular teacher, although one of the few that I didn't get on with.
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Old 19 January 2018, 02:37 PM
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I don’t know how legendary this is, however, there was a kid that was a few years older than me. He sent a letter that contained a bomb threat. He signed the letter with his actual name.
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Old 19 January 2018, 05:22 PM
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Two events from before my time, but both documented and corroborated by staff who worked there at the time - one is fun, one decidedly not.

The fun legendary incident - with the help of the football team, some pranksters got a teacher's VW beetle through the double entry doors, up the short center staircase from the lobby and into the main hallway intersection. (The story came up every time we had to do something similar with a grand piano for a recital night in the school cafeteria.)

The infamous incident - a student committed suicide by gunshot to the head in the hallway connecting the cafeteria and shop wing on the far side of the school.
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Old 19 January 2018, 05:35 PM
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My year's valedictorian married the high school girl's basketball coach two months after graduation. I knew something was going on when I was writing her valedictory speech and she made me add things about him.

5th in the class
(of 56)
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Old 19 January 2018, 06:10 PM
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Two of them for my school. The year I graduated, a group of seniors snuck into the stadium and graffitied the walls. While they weren't as bad as freethinker's person and put their own names down, they did put down nicknames that they were well known by. They spent the morning before graduation painting over everything, and the rest of the day somewhere else, not going through commencement.

The other one was me. The guy who sat in front of me in English was not someone I got along with. At one point the teacher passed back papers by just having them passed back - I believe it was poetry, but it may have been short stories. He took mine, and started reading some of it aloud in the most annoying way he could. I pulled him backwards by the shirt collar so I could reach the paper, and told him to never f'ing touch my stuff again. He stood up and punched me right there. I stood up and put him in a headlock and started to punch him repeatedly. Three guys grabbed me and one grabbed him and started to pull us apart. The three guys on me ran backwards into the wall, which was one of those temporary partition type walls. There was a cracking sound, and everybody stopped and looked up. The wall was free, and tipping over to the next room. A couple of people were seen diving out of the way before it crashed on their desks. I was forever known as the guy who threw another guy through a wall.
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Old 19 January 2018, 06:39 PM
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When I was in high school we had a French foreign exchange student who "flashed" the entire audience during a school play, in a Lindsay Lohan-esque short skirt with no underwear way. Well, that's how people talked about it, anyway. I didn't personally witness it so I wonder it in actuality skimpy underwear that didn't quite cover everything, or just the fact that her underwear were exposed at all. In the rather conservative area where I grew up even that would create a scandal. Rumor has it that she was pregnant when she returned to her home country, but I can't verify that.
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Old 19 January 2018, 08:10 PM
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The only one I know for sure happened--and I can't say whether it's considered a legend now--is that my jr year, the football team hazed some of the freshman (who were called poopies as a play on puppies, since we were the Greyhounds) by making them hold up the roof (there was a place where the main roof beams came together that could be reached if you stood on a fairly short stool and reached up). One of these poopies was supposedly John Elway (who did spend his freshman year of high school at my high school).

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Old 20 January 2018, 01:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Darth Credence View Post
While they weren't as bad as freethinker's person and put their own names down, they did put down nicknames that they were well known by.
Getting caught because you signed your name to something seems to be a common theme among people who don't think too hard... this isn't a school anecdote, but it probably counts because it happened during my interview for Oxford when I was 17 and in sixth form ("high school" in American terms).

The interviews for Oxford lasted three days, with several different tests and conversations at your various choices of college, and so you were put up for a couple of nights in your first choice college. As you can imagine, some people treated this as a miniature fresher's week and there was a bit of partying going on.

I went to one party in somebody's room. The actual student whose room it was was a guy called Jason, who would have been a first year at the time and was in his second year when I went up (I rowed in the same crew as him), but the interviews happened during the Christmas holidays so he wasn't there; I don't know who was staying in it for the party. I wasn't "invited" as such, but I'd been playing a quiet game of cards with some other people; the game finished quite early and so I went out to see what else was happening, heard of this event, went and got some beer to take with me, and was therefore allowed in.

The overt events of the party included a game where we had to avoid knocking smarties off a pile of flour using a spoon; one in which we had to walk on our hands and knees from one end of the room to the other while holding empty bottles; and one involving burnt cork on people's faces. Unofficially, somebody wrote her name on the wall in burnt cork, and at one point some people who apparently hadn't been invited managed to find a pile of bricks from somewhere and partly "brick up" the doorway from outside (without mortar, obviously, but it was quite funny to open the door and see the wall there). So it was a fun party, but the room was completely trashed with flour everywhere, bits of brick, writing on the walls, and apparently at some point the sink got broken somehow. (I was not responsible for any of this damage apart, perhaps, from spreading some of the flour around during my turn in the smartie game; none of it was my idea, and I didn't see the broken sink...).

I thought nothing more of it, went to bed at some point when the party seemed to be finishing, went home the next day (the party had been the final night), passed the interviews, got an offer and went up to university the following year. At which point I realised that this party had become legendary - the guy whose room it had been was quite pissed off because I don't think they'd managed to fix his sink before term started again.

And also, that half the "guests" had apparently written a letter addressed to "the person whose room this is" apologising for the mess, and signing their names. This was taken as an automatic reason to reject all the candidates who had signed their names to this letter. (Some had also written their names on the walls in burnt cork, as mentioned).

I was not the only person at this party who passed the interview and was accepted to the college - I can think of at least three others who were there and got in and became friends, one of whom I'm still friends with now. (And the other two, in theory; I've just lost touch a bit).

But apparently the real test at this party wasn't whether you went to it - it was whether you were silly enough to sign your name to admit you'd been to it... I suppose that's a life lesson, too. "Don't get caught" is always the way in these things. Wahey, privilege!
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Old 20 January 2018, 01:54 AM
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... Sorry about a second post just after that one, but once you broaden the subject slightly to college, there are more things to talk about.

The following year (I think), one of the candidates for interview at my college managed to make national news. Not her own fault, really - it must have been extremely embarrassing for her - but in those days, certain of the papers hung on everything that happened at Oxford or Cambridge.

As I said, it was usual for interviews to last two or three days, with two nights in college. My schedule just gave that as a fixed period, but apparently this girl had been told that the second day / night was optional because she may or may not need another interview (at a second-choice college, perhaps, or if they needed a further test after the initial ones).

So she'd gone away for the interviews, with her parents not quite knowing if she'd be away one night or two. Her parents turned out to be a bit overprotective, and when she didn't contact them after the first night, rang up the college to find out if she should be coming home. The college checked the revised schedule and said that they'd finished the interviews, she didn't need to stay another day, and so as far as they were concerned she'd gone. (She may have handed back the key to the room). These were the days before mobile phones, when you had to rely on people ringing you from a call box.

So her parents panicked (she'd not come home) and called the police to report her missing. In fact, she'd met some bloke and spent the second night in his room, presumably thinking that since she had been meant to be gone for two nights anyway, it was none of anybody else's business and there was no reason to report it to anybody.

In the press climate of the times, in fact her one-night stand ended up in the papers. (I still wonder how they find out about these things, though.)
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Old 20 January 2018, 03:24 AM
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In four years of High School I went to three different schools. Each had an "incident".

First high school had some students out fishing and were attacked by bears and all three were killed.

Second high school had the AV club rewire the entire class so they had control over the speaker, had microphones and video all over the place, and on April Fool's day had a rein of hilarious terror on the Geography teacher "Arthur". I was in the class and witnessed it first hand. It went legendary and bootleg copies of "Arthur vs God" went all around the school (mid-80s so not everyone had a video camera in their pocket).

Final high school had one of my fellow graduating classmates die in a horse riding accident. Another died of leukemia. That was tragic, but not as shocking as losing someone to falling off a horse.
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Old 20 January 2018, 06:17 AM
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My high school-a few years before I attended- received national attention because of a rape and the comments the judge made about the victim that got him recalled. -this repeats what he said, although they got the year wrong. It was 1977.
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Old 20 January 2018, 07:14 AM
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In my high school a guy peed into a light socket and knocked out the electricity, leaving us all in the dark. He was suspended and we were told he gave himself a painful shock, but I never knew if that part was true, or just an effort by the teachers to keep the stunt from being repeated.
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Old 20 January 2018, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by UEL View Post
Another died of leukemia. .
I have already talked here about the boy who had been in my class in grade 8 but not in my class in grade 9 who died in the holidays between grade 9 and grade 10 and the effect it had on me. That was in my first high school.

At my second high school there was a biology camp in grade 11. Now I didn't do biology at high school*, even though I intended (and did) do biology at university. But there were three biology classes and about 3/4 of the grade 11 students were on that camp.

Anyway the camp was at a local island resort area and one night a sizable percentage of the camp went off to the local pub. The drinking age in Australia is 18 and grade 11 is usually done the year you turn 16** so they would have been 15 or 16 year olds. They all got away with it with it and the supervising teachers didn't know about it until...they all got home and one of the students (a friend of mine) told her Mum with some glee about them all going to the pub. WELL her Mum reported back to the school and there was a period of time when different students were called to the headmasters office and people turned on each other, just at the time we were getting mature enough to start treating each other with some respect. There were also students that lost their leadership roles.

*I did all the other math and science subject and wanted a "break" from it.
** I believe that has changed now.
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