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Old 31 October 2017, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Mouse View Post
Like how neither Ma nor Pa Kent raise an eyebrow over a green-skinned Martian at their door and it's revealed that they wrap Clark's presents in lead so he can't cheat and use his X-Ray vision to find out what they got him. mean Santa wrapped them in lead.

To hijack a bit, I can never rave enough about one of the most brilliant pieces of writing I have ever seen anywhere, in a Justice League episode. It's the one where several of them wind up in the "Justice Guild" universe, where the heroes are the ones that John Stewart/Green Lantern read about in comics when he was a kid, and where the town is an idealized version of 1950's suburbia, straight out of Pleasantville. When the League members visit the Justice Guild HQ, their one female member invites Hawkgirl to come with her to the kitchen to help fetch cookies while then men talk. Hawkgirl starts to object, but Green Lantern pulls her aside and says "Can't you just play along for once?" So she sighs and follows into the kitchen.

Later, the League members pair off with Guild members to go out and stop the bad guys with their plots. GL, still kind of in fanboy mode, is paired off with their speedster, and he tells him what an honor it is to fight alongside him. The speedster says it's mutual...and then adds, "You're a credit to your people, son." *

There's a pause, and Stewart says, "Uh....thanks."

The thing I love about it is the fact that they don't beat the point to death. There's no scene of GL doing a mea culpa to Hawkgirl, or of her rubbing it in with him (she isn't there, but they could have arranged that, of course); nor do they repeat the point or have GL finally get angry. They just leave you, and him, to think about it. (In fact, I suspect that the point goes right over the heads of most of the kids in the supposed target audience range.)

Anyway, yes, I do love that show, and I'm annoyed that it seems to have disappeared from Netflix.

* For those who may not know, John Stewart is African-American.

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Yeah, that was a fairly brilliant episode.
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Old 31 October 2017, 11:23 PM
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I admit I love the sports-themed villain who is a thinly-disguised Bob Hope.
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