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Old 11 January 2018, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
Fortunately, my wife has a dear friend who works for a major airline, so we were able to arrange for Ana to get to London quickly and inexpensively.
I've been so worried about Ana since I heard a couple weeks ago. I'm so glad you and Elyssa were able to jump in and help ease some of the stress with this.
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Old 11 January 2018, 09:59 PM
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Last week I was in London and I got some makeup advice and was thinking of Ana and her makeup knowledge. I am sorry for her loss.
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Old 12 January 2018, 02:46 PM
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Ah hell. Too young.

Salud, old sport.
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Old 13 January 2018, 12:18 AM
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Jay Tea was a great poster. I once had a position on an issue (long since forgotten) and in one five word post he completely changed my position and mind. And it was a straightforward, clear post that was not confrontational and highly effective.

RIP Jay Tea

The list of snopesters I've known over the past 17 years who have passed is growing... and it is sad. It feels like I've lost real friends.
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Old 13 January 2018, 04:14 PM
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I don't remember having many direct interactions with Jay Tea, but I enjoyed reading his comments.

Forty-three is much too soon, and I feel for Ana Ng.

My thoughts are with them both.

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Old 16 January 2018, 06:20 PM
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Rest in Peace, Jay Tea

My thoughts are with Ana and his family.
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