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Old 10 June 2018, 01:58 PM
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Default What cars did you see today?

... Since we were hijacking the "odd things" thread with talk about Maseratis and Teslas! Several of us seem to be interested in car spotting, but we've been twisting the definition of "odd" and this might deserve its own thread.

I saw a couple of interesting cars on my walk yesterday, apart from walking past a Lamborghini / Ferrari dealership in Penn that I'd not known was there. (I'm not sure that cars in a dealership window count...) Both were in Maidenhead, along the road by the river.

One was one of the TVR Wedges, which used to be more common but which I've not seen for a while. I don't know which model it was exactly, but it was one of the earlier ones before they started to round the corners, and it was pale blue with a small wing on the back.

And I saw a Chevrolet pickup truck from the 1950s, which would be unusual in the UK anyway, but this one had been very nicely restored to show standard and was shiny and new-looking. Again, I'm not sure which model it was but it could have been one of the 1950s versions of the Chevrolet Task Force - the photo captioned "1957 GMC Suburban Carrier" is a reasonable match.

Maybe this thread is redundant and we'll get bored with it, but between posts about this in the current "odd things" and "unhijackable" it seems there should be enough posts to fill it... Of course, genuinely odd cars can still go in odd things...
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