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Originally Posted by crocoduck_hunter View Post
I believe at this point, Trump's team is trying to provoke a war.
Trump seems to be the only person who believes that North Korea could take the US out, as opposed to the rest of the world, which knows that North Korea is a backward, third-world hereditary dictatorship that can barely keep the lights on in their country, never mind battle the most massive military power on Earth. North Korea is well aware that they don't stand a chance of winning a war with us.

These various occasion where Kim Jong-Il or Kim Jong-Un come out to do some chest-beating, is the equivalent of a child playing chicken on the railroad tracks. North Korea wants the world to pay attention to them, so they're throwing a "I am the greetest!" tantrum to draw attention to themselves. Yet they know war with the US would not end well for them, so they're trying to draw attention to themselves out of an inflated sense of self-importance, but not draw so much attention that actual war breaks out.

Then again, since Trump clearly believes that if you chest-beat and shout something, that makes it true, so maybe that's why he actually believes all the bluster from North Korea, unfortunately.
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