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Old 01 June 2018, 03:44 AM
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Thorny Locust, your comment reminds me of the “joke” that led to Rush Limbaugh’s TV show being canceled. He had a segment that went like, “Here’s the White House cat.” and showed a picture of Socks the presidential cat. Then he went,“And here’s the White House dog,” bringing up a picture of Chelsea Clinton who was NFBSKing eleven at the time.

Limbaugh and his followers have claimed that it was a mistake that some other picture was supposed to come up, but they never bothered to say what photo was supposed to be used, so their remarks are more than just a little disingenuous.

As to how this anecdote ties into the conversation at hand, my point is about the same: Where’s the joke? Explain to me what Roseanne’s tweet was making fun of. Was it a stealthy, near invisible, wussy Take That at racists or is it more likely to be an outburst of virulent racism that shouldn’t be acceptable in any society?

Though this relates to another meme that irritates me: spouting slurs and being assholes makes your humor edgy and shocking. It seems to be the style of humor promoted by Logan Paul and other sentient bottles of Axe Body Spray on and off YouTube. Spouting slurs and being an asshole doesn’t make you edgy! It makes you an asshole. And seriously, I am sick of NFBSKers trying to weasel out of consequences by claiming it was all a joke.
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Old 01 June 2018, 04:09 AM
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"It's a joke" is not a get out of consequences free card.
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