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Old 25 May 2013, 12:13 AM
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Icon97 Baby starved by vegan mother

Comment: This article is claiming that a French mother caused the death of
her child by breastfeeding while on a vegan diet.
I think it is more likely that there were other factors at play but the
article focuses on the mother being a vegan that breastfed her child to

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Old 25 May 2013, 02:49 AM
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The article doesn't contain any names or other identifying details that could be used to verify the story, but it does link to another article that gives the parents' names as Joel and Sergine Le Moaligou. A Google search turned up this article in the Guardian about them:
State attorney, Anne-Laure Sandretto, had called for a 10-year sentence against the couple who were convinced they could cure their daughter's pneumonia with traditional remedies. She also suggested the mother's vegan diet could have contributed to the death of the child, though this was argued over by experts giving evidence in the case.


Dr Stéphane Bernard told the court at Amiens in northern France how the couple had refused to take Louise immediately to hospital after seeing him in January 2008, two months before she died.

"I suspected she was suffering from pneumonia and told them to go straight to casualty for an x-ray and blood test. I told them quite clearly it was pneumonia, which is more serious than bronchitis because the lungs were infected," he said.

"I didn't prescribe any drugs because in my mind it was obvious they'd go to casualty. I didn't even weigh the child as I was convinced they'd do it at hospital."

Afterwards, however, the Moaligou returned home and consulted their books on natural medicine. They continued to treat Louise with mustard, garlic and clay, the jury was told.
However the elder daughter Elodie, 13, was not suffering the same vitamin deficiencies, and other witnesses suggested their rejection of conventional medicine was more of a factor than their diet.

Another doctor, who saw Louise in December 2007, said she was in good health and denied links previously made in court between her death and the mother's vegan diet.

"I saw an eight month old child breastfed by her vegan mother and found her in perfect health," he said.
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