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Old 13 November 2017, 08:49 PM
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Royalty Identify a Recording of "We Three Kings"

OK, I'll confess: we're listening (occasionally) to Christmas Music at our house already, courtesy of SiriusXM. Over the weekend my husband heard a nice recording of "We Three Kings of Orient Are" and would like to identify the performers; I was not in the room at the time, so all I have is his description, which is pretty vague.

It was a performance with male and female singers and a band. They sang all the verses of the song. He described it as being "syncopated" or "jazzy." My first guess was Manhattan Transfer but I don't see that they ever recorded it. He's already done a search online and came up empty, although he did listen to Pentatonix's version and confirmed it was not them. I didn't ask which other ones he listened to.

Any hints appreciated.
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