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Old 23 September 2009, 09:44 PM
Victoria J
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Originally Posted by Eddylizard View Post
AFAIK anyone can pay monthly, but IIRC you have to put up six months in advance.
You are absolutely right. Basically you can pay monthly if youa re already licensed...(You pay 6 months up front, then pay continously). Tp pay weekly or to pay monthly without doing this you have to go on a specilai payment scheme only available to those on benefit. You still pay for a whole license in the first 6 months so that from that point onwards you are actually paying in advance for your next license.

Victoria J
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Old 23 September 2009, 10:26 PM
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The BBC's iPlayer has already been mentioned as being free. Strangely, this is making news today.

Pay for BBC iPlayer says TV chief

Several commercial television companies want the BBC to charge for its iPlayer service. However, the BBC is resisting the move, saying that the television licence covers it. (According to the article the iPlayer pumps out 12 GB of information every second. It sounds a lot.)
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Old 23 September 2009, 11:08 PM
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"Traditionally, licence fee payers have paid for access on a TV set - and only for the first transmission."
Well that's nonsense to start with. The Licence Fee also pays for radio services (as noted above) and the BBC frequently repeats particularly popular programs later in the week for those who may have missed them (e.g. the EastEnders omnibus on Sundays).
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Old 24 September 2009, 06:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Victoria J View Post
Only a TV capable of receiving a signal requires a license. Some things do suggest that any TV that could receive a signal - even if broken or detuned - count. I had always understood that not to be the case - if fully detuned or not working they were OK. Even packing the thing up and putting it in a cupboard would normally be OK. A TV that has been modified so it cannot receive a signal and can only be used as a monitor should not require a license. The law isn't very clear - and it comes down I guess to how confident they'll be in prosecuting you. I think they tend to rather over state their case.
Here, you can remove the tuner, but it has to be done by a certified professional which doesn't exist.

Also, we have to pay for a TV that only has an analog receiver, despite the analog transmissions being shut down years ago, so there is nothing for it to receive. I really hope someone takes them to court for that, and demands that they resume the services they still charge for.

Then again, that is pretty typical for national companies. I'm currently in a feud with Telia, the national phone company (there are other alternatives, but only Telia are allowed to touch the wires and other infrastructure). I'm moving to a new house tomorrow, and have two phone numbers I want to move. One is no problem, but I don't know if there are enough wires for the second. Telia refuse to tell me unless I'm a customer. So, for them to tell me if they can deliver or not, I'll have to sign up for three months minimum. So, I may have to pay for three months, without them ever delivering anything. Add to that, that the last time I dropped them, it took them 18 months to do it, so those three months became 18. Also, you can't just talk about phone line subscriptions with them in their shop (they only sell hardware), you'll have to phone them. And they don't see the irony in having to phone them to get a phone! Worst of all, there is some kind of rule or something that say that you are not allowed to visit their office and run amok with a crow bar.

Now, I'm all for nationalizing the infrastructure, but why on earth do they put idiots in charge of it?
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