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Old 19 August 2017, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Sue View Post
I've encountered that mentality often enough to feel that it is not particularly unusual. It's akin, I think, to those well meaning folk who believe that if someone has a disability they must be noble and brave and good. It's naive at best and by no means is it pervasive. But it's certainly there.
Originally Posted by mbravo View Post
I've come across it too, but in places where one can deduce that it's a case of the extreme/unreasonable/crazy voices seeming to scream the loudest, and then opponents of whatever view argue against those points rather than the more subtle points brought up by non-extremists.

edit: though I'm referring more to the people who get really aggressive about the idea, rather than people like Sue describes who have internalized a schema about people who are disabled or are part of a disenfranchised group, but aren't particularly vocal about it unless asked/brought up in the course of conversation.

I've certainly come across people who defend specific cultural practices; and people who defend insults if the insults are punching up instead of down; and I've also certainly come across people who say, for instance, that non-white people can't be racist. (The last of those however generally seems to me to have to do with the definition of the word "racist", as most such people I've seen actually discussing it say that anybody might be bigoted, but that to be specifically "racist" there has to be institutional racism.)

But none of that seems to me to qualify as 'carte blanc to do as one will'. I haven't come across anybody in what's generally considered the Left saying that either oppressed people in general, or specific oppressed people, are entitled to commit random murders, or rape children, or steal food from others who are starving, or poison watersheds, etc. (Daesh does seem to think they're entitled to commit murder and rape children and anything else they feel like, but I doubt anybody's describing them as SJW, and I don't get the impression that they think it's because they're oppressed.)
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Old 20 August 2017, 12:25 AM
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Most commonly, I've seen it come up in the context of "you don't seem to care much about injustice X or Group A until a member of A does X, at which point you're all over the interwebs about it. It makes me wonder why you specifically chose to engage over the issue in that circumstance." It's not exactly a "it's wrong to criticize A for X" position as it is a "I agree X is bad, but it seems like you only care about it when you can use it to say bad things about A." It's nuanced, so it obviously gets ripped to shreds in the comments sections of most newspapers and on facebook, but that doesn't make it wrong of course. Nuance kills.

But... Every now and then, just every now and then, you will come across a moral relativist (presumably a liberal) who believes that "as long as group A, living in foreign country K, generally considers X to be culturally acceptable, it's not wrong for members of A to do X while they're in K because morality is subjective and you're racist/bigoted/xenophobic if you think otherwise." And of course those are the people that get quoted most as the leftist boogeyman and then, because their argument bares certain similarities to what I outlined in my first paragraph above, the two get lumped together as "the regressive left" (or whatever: I hadn't heard/read that term until now). It's especially easy to group the two together when quoting the people in the first paragraph out of context. Like I said: nuance kills.

That's my take on it, anyways.
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