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Old 08 November 2018, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by ChasFink View Post
I didn't say I blamed the cashier for anything, I said it was an overreaction, as in "I probably wouldn't do it myself and I think it's being overly cautious."
I don't know either the rules of the specific store, or the laws of the specific state. But it's perfectly possible -- and has previously been said in this thread -- that the cashier could have lost their job over it, had to pay a large fine, or even been arrested. Would you still say that you wouldn't do it yourself if that's what you were risking? How about if that's what you were risking, and you were trying to keep going on a low-wage job and had no reserves, such that losing that job or being fined could also mean winding up homeless?

Maybe none of that was true in the particular case, and the cashier was just being unreasonably nitpicky. But we don't know. So there's no way to know whether it was an overreaction, or whether it was 'enforcement people ran a sting like this three weeks ago on the other side of town and caught my friend, who lost her job and is now sleeping on my couch, and even if this isn't a sting we're both going to be out on the street if my boss sees this minor going out the door carrying beer.'
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