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Old 20 May 2016, 05:20 PM
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Default Blue Bunny ice cream doesn't melt?

Heard this rumor yesterday, you know how it goes: a friend of a friend tested a container of Blue Bunny ice cream and it didn't melt because it's full of "chemicals" (and as we all know, normal food has no chemicals at all ).

Anyone else heard this one?
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Old 20 May 2016, 06:28 PM
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I have to admit that I have never seen Blue Bunny ice cream melt, mainly due to my having no idea where it is sold and so I have never seen it. However, very little ice cream melts around me, since I eat it quickly enough.
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Old 20 May 2016, 09:48 PM
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I haven't heard it, and it's pretty damn ridiculous. On another note, has anyone seen the Blue Bunny commercial with the blue bunny... soooo cute.
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Old 21 May 2016, 09:25 AM
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I've never heard of Blue Bunny Ice Cream, but my research has shown that:
1. The creamier the ice cream, the faster it will melt, so fat-free ice cream will last longer.
2. There was a news story a while back that Walmart's Ice Cream lasts for a longer time without melting than most brands (probably for the same reason as 1.)
3. There's a protein called "BsIA", which food scientists have proposed to use in the manufacturing of Ice Cream in order to slow its melting.
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Old 21 May 2016, 03:49 PM
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I just started seeing them in stores here. Heard the amor and swear I saw a snopes article debunking it, but I can’t seem to locate it. Short answer - it does melt like any other ice cream though
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Old 21 May 2016, 08:05 PM
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Theres a number of brands here in Canada that also don't melt -- some of the frozen treats actually market that fact -- i figured they were trying to make the dessert hardier and less prone to accidental thaw ...

There is a icecream company local to here (Chapman's) that does not melt as well.. but i suppose that's due to the Locust Bean Gum, Cellulose Gum, Guar Gum, and Carrageenan, which are all emulsifiers.
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Old 23 May 2016, 02:16 PM
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Most ice creams do have additives to slow melting. Some, like agar, are natural products.
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Old 23 May 2016, 02:28 PM
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Consumerist tested different ice creams and explains "The Science Behind Those Never-Melting Ice Cream Sandwiches".

One of the ice cream bars tested was a Blue Bunny, and yes, it doesn't liquify in the sun, and that's probably because of added gums.
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Old 23 May 2016, 02:29 PM
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...and there is this recent related post on a web site you may have heard of:

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Old 24 May 2016, 04:41 PM
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Read This!

There's a snopes article about a similar claim about Breyers Ice Cream here:

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