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Old 14 January 2010, 01:57 AM
John Simpson
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Default National Police Force

Latest one to start clogging the Inbox after being forwarded by the Great Unwashed.

Seems the rumor is that President Obama is working on a creating a "National Police Force" and the sinister RAND corporation is doing the legwork.

One e-mail went out with a copy of the study and the warning:

Rand Corporation's study on implementing a National Police Force for the USA. For an administration that shows no slowing down on printing the money needed for crap legislation, this study is probably the first step.

This spells nothing but bad news. Disseminate far and wide.

Too bad the Obama administration had nothing to do with it and if the forwarders would take the time to actually read the study that they are forwarding they would see that it's for the creation of a federal-level police reserve for international peace and stability operations.

That would be outside the United States.

The kicker is that the study was started early into the Bush Administration.

The study in question may be downloaded from

The entire study by the "evil" RAND Corporation may be found here
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