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Old 11 December 2014, 07:27 AM
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Australia Toddler dies, four children seriously ill after drinking raw cow's milk

A three-year-old child died and another four young children fell seriously ill after drinking unpasteurised cow's milk being sold in health food shops as "bath milk".

The toddler, understood to be from Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula, died after drinking raw milk, believed to be Mountain View Organic Bath Milk.

Mountain View Farm owner Vicki Jones said she was shocked by news of the toddler's death, but said the dangers of raw milk had been sensationalised by the media.

"I'm in shock, I think it's a bit sensationalised," she told Fairfax Radio 3AW on Thursday.

Ms Jones said she was aware people consumed Mountain View Farm's bath milk, despite the warnings on the label.
The sale of unpasteurised milk for human consumption is banned in Victoria given its high risk of contamination, but it can be sold for other purposes, meaning it is legally available as "cosmetic" or "bath" milk in health food stores.

Wayne Shields, president of the Victorian Farmers' Markets Association, has been a long-time distributor of milk from Mountain View Organic Farm from his Baxter farm gate.

He said he had full faith in the product, which he claimed was rigorously tested.

Mr Shields, who drinks Mountain View Bath Milk himself, said he had been visited by Health Department officials.

"But the batches they tested came back fine," he said.

This other article delves into the company's Facebook page and found posts where they talked up the health benefits of raw milk and complained about the FDA wrongly "demonizing" raw milk whilst complaining bitterly about pasteurised milk and GMOs.
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Old 11 December 2014, 07:42 AM
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Spit Take

Another follow up article, this one confirming that the "bath milk" label is just a workaround to avoid the laws selling unpasteurised milk for human consumption:
A health food shop owner who sells the raw milk linked to the death of the Melbourne toddler said it was common knowledge that customers purchased it to drink, even though it is labelled for cosmetic use only.

The high-volume seller told Fairfax Media that while distributors were at pains to tell new customers the product was not fit for human consumption, "most if not all" people bought the milk to drink.

"When we start explaining to regular customers that it's not to be taken they start rolling their eyes at us, but anyone that's new we certainly make sure we tell them," Upper Gully Organics owner Mick Kir said.

"No one's admitted to [bathing in] it. Everyone has a bit of a laugh about that."

Gotta love those "natural means it MUST be better for you" people, eh?
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Old 11 December 2014, 12:09 PM
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Next up: Feed those babies honey, it's an all-natural sweetener.
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Old 11 December 2014, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Crius of CoH View Post
Next up: Feed those babies honey, it's an all-natural sweetener.
Or maybe "Ergot: It's all natural! Try it, what's the worse that could happen?"
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Old 11 December 2014, 03:19 PM
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Bunch of amateurs! Just get some all-natural tubocurare and be done with it.
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