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Old 28 February 2017, 06:15 AM
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Bonsai Kitten Lasagna Cat makes a triumphant return to Youtube

Way back in 2008 the Lasagna Cat youtube channel launched a series of videos staging live action recreations of classic Garfield strips which also merged them with music videos or computer games. It became an instant underground hit and was regarded as one of the best early Youtube experiments.

The channel lay dormant for 9 years but recently they released teaser trailers hinting at a comeback and then posted a 1800 number which fans could call. Four days ago they suddenly posted 13 brand new videos all at once! (Note: some of them are mildly NWS, some are slightly more extreme NWS.) One video spends an entire hour dissecting and interpreting a single Garfield strip and the video based on the 1800 phone poll goes for nearly five hours!! (The ending to that particular video is VERY NWS.)

(If you're wondering how close that video adheres to the original Miama Vice scenes they'er referencing the answer is very very close indeed. Rick and Morty fans should also recognise the singer doing that cover version of Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight". )

But that's not all!! Fans have slowly been realising that there's a whole bunch of additional videos and websites related to the new content hidden all over the internet, including youtube channels and Twitter accounts that started posting content five years ago. The creators invested a heck of a lot of time and effort into this crazy project over many many years which they pretty much slipped onto the internet with hardly any fanfare. It's insane but also wildly impressive.
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