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Old 26 May 2010, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by DeRick View Post
I'm new here and this is kind of awkward. for a long time i never heard of such a thing as a real live suicide on live TV. This all started from watching 2 documentery style horror movies, "Quarantine" and "The Blair Witch Project". Those types of horror films adds fear on another level, a level that makes you think what you're seeing is real (especialy the 'Blair Witch') So i decided to "experiment" with my feelings just out of curiosity, see where it takes me. I went to Google and put in a key words like "death", "documentry", "media, cant remember all the words, it mightve been a phrase, cant really remember. I looked at the results, and my eyes seemed to have locked on "American television news reporter who committed suicide during a live television broadcast." Someone once told me that psychology says our psyche's do not sort out visuals as being from fantasy; it is all recorded as real ... death is death to our mind's lens ... So when i stumbled upon that story, i was shocked...just imagine watching CNN, Foxnews or some other news and all of a sudden you see that...this is no documentery style horror film made to look real...THIS WAS REAL! What you just saw was REAL! hearing the Chubbuck and Dwyer story sorta helped me put things into better perspective.
I understand what you are saying. I am a horror film fan, the gorier , the better. I have no problem seeing blood and gore, even operations on discovery channel. However I made the mistake of watching the Daniel Perl video on the internet, knowing it was real, it was awful. I still have alot of remorse in watching that.
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