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Old 05 August 2008, 04:03 PM
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Skull Swerving to avoid debris

I'd be nervous about not swerving. I suppose it matters what debris is there and if there's room to swerve.

One of my friends was killed when a van full of college students hit a manhole cover. The truck that was carrying the covers did not secure its load, so several covers had fallen into the road. My friend was not wearing a seatbelt, so she was ejected from the van and died shortly afterward.

Now, if I see debris on the road, I become very upset. If it's on the highway, I call the state troopers which I believe is #77. This way they can arrange to remove or clean up the debris and avoid further accidents.

Another friend was recently involved in a freak accident, where the wheel fell off of a truck on the other side of the highway. The wheel bounced over the median (!) and struck their car. Very luckily, no one else was hit and no one was hurt. The car was damaged but still drivable. Still, if the traffic had been lighter, I'm sure that swerving would have helped.
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Old 22 October 2010, 02:05 AM
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Yes, I've heard the kid-in-box story from a FOAF.

I even wrote a short story with this plot! aargh. So will have to scratch that, now, and quit being so judgmental when writers have plots that are (unbeknownst to them) based either directly or indirectly on a UL.

This is one of those UL's that is probably "true" in the sense that it has happened somewhere, sometime, just not EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME!

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Old 22 October 2010, 05:38 AM
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I was driving on the freeway one night and saw what I thought was a box in the road, debated about going over it but decided to go around. After I did I noticed it was not a cardboard box but a big ol' barbecue! That wouldn't have ended well. Called highway patrol and they came and took care of it.
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Old 22 October 2010, 05:44 AM
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That's taking tailgating entirely too far!
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