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Old 14 September 2017, 05:15 PM
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Mister Ed Miniature horses as guides for the blind?

Recently, Baltimore City schools approved the use of miniature horses for its blind students. Article here.

The biggest upside I can see is a longer lifespan than a dog, but of course, there are downsides. Can horses be house broken? for one.

Local Talk Show Host just spent a segment on this; callers brought up allergies, distractions, and yes, the poop question. Apparently there is a garment the horses can wear to keep the floors clean. No way am I Googling that at work!
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Old 14 September 2017, 06:34 PM
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I think I've seen horses drawing carts wear those. It's sort of like a sling in the back.

Lots of different styles.
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Old 14 September 2017, 10:25 PM
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If it's anything like what the carriage horses in Central Park wore, it does not reduce the stink a bit. But maybe miniature horses kept alone, and perhaps fed a better diet, don't smell quite so evil. And hopefully don't poop as much as their full-sized compatriots.

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