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Old 09 December 2008, 08:00 AM
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Judge Petition for Imani Jennings


In Syracuse New York 20 month old Imani Jennings was beaten and left for
dead by her 18 year old mothers 15 year old boyfriend who went to school
after beating her.

It seems that the Mom and the boyfriend had been leaving this child ALONE
all day long with a glass of milk and a bowl of chicken nuggets while they
went off to school.

Because this darling child went to the bathroom on the floor , 15 year old
daddy - wanna -be beat her severely.

He is facing less than 5 years because of his age. This is NOT a small "boy".

He is rather a good sized kid whom one would think was 18 19 years old.
This child was a small child. Standing up she may have come to just above
his knee in height..

When this reaches 500 PLEASE to the person who is 500, email this to me at


Dear Mr.Fitzpatrick:

As tax paying citizens, we demand that the 15 year old BOY, Anthony
Weakfall, that killed 20 month old Imani Jennings be tried as an adult ..
He beat this innocent baby for over an hour. . .he had to have known how
hurt she was when he left her to go to school. He deserves 25 years to
life. . . .not the "be out in 4 years " crap that you guy s are going
after . He took a life with no remorse. . ..he showed this baby no mercy ,
why should we show him any? Do you people understand that he BEAT this
baby so bad that her own mother didn't even recognize her? Do you
understand the pain and horror that this baby had lived with every day? ??
The police and investigators were coming out of the house with tears
streaming down their faces . . . . .and you still want him to have
youthful offender because he is 15? He is old enough to know right from
wrong and he is old enough to know that beating a baby like he did would
end in her death . I am going to start a petition to demand that this "
kid" serve the time he deserves and carries the stigma of being a baby
killer for the rest of his life. The probability of him committing another
violent crime if he is granted youthful offender is very high. Please,
reconsider ..... give Mr.Weakfall the adult trial that he deserves and give baby Imani the justice that she deserves!!!
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Old 09 December 2008, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
He is facing less than 5 years because of his age. This is NOT a small "boy".

He is rather a good sized kid whom one would think was 18 19 years old.
This child was a small child. Standing up she may have come to just above
his knee in height..
He's not an adult, either. There is (hopefully) a big difference in the maturity levels of a 15-year-old and a 19-year-old, which size doesn't indicate.

A few years ago, a 15-year-old girl was involved in a murder in Boulder. They tried her as an adult, which seemed like a stupid, unjust move to me. I hope that no authorities take this petition seriously.
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Old 09 December 2008, 01:17 PM
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Holy carp, I wasn't expecting to see this here, although I did briefly think about sending it in

Here's a list of links from our newspaper that include some articles and blogs, I unfortunatly don't have to time to go look for the original articles about it. I posted the link with the other links in reverse chronological order. I'm hoping quiltsbypam will be able to find the original stories if she come in here.
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Old 09 December 2008, 07:44 PM
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Any neglect charges being thrown at mom? I would hope so.

As for dad, I probably wouldn't be too terribly upset if he were tried as an adult but their logic seems kind of faulty.. I mean what does his size matter? I have a friend who looked like he could be twenty-five or thirty when he was ninteen, doens't mean he can legally buy beer.

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Old 09 December 2008, 07:56 PM
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AD's list was quite comprehensive, and I can't add to it.

This has been a horrendous, terrible case. People knew this child was being treated poorly and nobody -- nobody -- called CPS. Not the child's father (the 15-year-old who beat her to death was the 18-year-old mother's new live-in boyfriend), not the daycare provider, nobody. I think the email is a reaction to the frustration of knowing that people who should have helped Imani didn't, and most of those folks won't be punished.

*sigh* Like so many other people here, this one haunts me. The mom has been charged, along with the boyfriend, and the daycare provider. Pretty much everybody in her little life failed her.
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