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Old 11 April 2017, 12:52 AM
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I was flying with Delta once (I have brought that story up here before) and they were overbooked. They started at $200, then $400 and finally $800 vouchers for volunteers. And then the gate agent said that if no one volunteered, you'd be selected and get $0 for being rebooked.

Thankfully, her Majesty was paying for my flight (I am by regulation not allowed to accept vouchers to volunteer to be rebooked) and if I got rebooked, it would be between her Majesty and Uncle Sam to determine how to look after me. I would not be out of pocket. I'd be annoyed, for sure, but not spending my own money.

What gets me here is that the plane was loaded. If they had pulled this guy aside at the gate and said "we are sorry but you've been bumped" he might have been pissed, but not securely fastened in his seat with his seat back upright and his tray table in the full up and locked position.

And the level of force by Chicago airport police was excessive. They knocked him out cold, he had blood coming from his nose and mouth, and may have a concussion. Why? Because United goofed.

I have some business with work coming up in the US, and I've already told my travel authorities, not with United. I'll take Amtrak before I take United.
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