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Old 13 April 2009, 04:27 PM
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Icon81 Lifestyles condoms kill gays

Comment: I've been told that when challenged by the issue that the brand
"LifeStyles" condoms had a higher percentage of breakage when used during
anal intercourse, an executive representative for the corporation gave a
flippant, unconcerned response that indicated the company didn't really
care, as that would only serve to further the deaths of gays, and that was
of no concern to them. I do find this a bit hard to believe, if for no
other reason than it would stand to reason that most companies should
recognize, that, despite whatever their own personal perspectives on any
given subject matter may be, it's certainly not good business to alienate
a large portion of their demographic. I've found no evidence to support
the rumor, and, while I'm sure such a thing wouldn't have been widely
publicized, I can't even find anything to support there ever was a rumor
to such an effect.
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