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Old 20 July 2018, 09:06 PM
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Do American kids common say the pledge of allegiance each morning these days? When I was a schoolboy, 40 years ago we did, but we also had an American flag in the corner of each classroom. I don't recall seeing an American flag inside a classroom in a very long time.

The only time I've heard the pledge recently was at a cub-scout meeting and within that context it was no creepier than all cub-scout meetings are anyway.
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Old 21 July 2018, 07:05 PM
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The districts I've worked in that has been the case, as well as others I've visited, but that's regionally a small sample size. I can't speak to private schools or other more rural or more urban areas of NJ.
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Old 22 July 2018, 03:03 AM
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I remember my schools always doing the pledge from Elementary onwards. Though by high school, most of us were jaded teenagers who spent the morning announcements and the pledge, talking and gossiping.

Though now, I find the pledge to be kind of creepy. The idea of making kids recite a loyalty oath every day, feels more than just a little sick.

As for me, I've more or less decided that I will pledge allegiance to God, rather than a temporal governments.
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