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Old 25 July 2018, 09:43 PM
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While Trump has taken it to new extremes, let's face it: courting the white racist vote isn't exactly a new thing for the Republican party. They've been doing it at least since the days of Nixon's "Southern Strategy." I suspect that many affluent Trump voters don't consider themselves to be racist, and some of them may even be genuinely unhappy with their party's embrace of it (particularly now that it's much more open), but their priorities still revolve around lower taxes and less regulation, and they'll grit their teeth and vote for any Republican they have to in order to get them.

Then, too, while the left may be prone to characterizing the typical Trump supporter as a redneck, gun-toting, Christianist neo-Nazi, keep in mind the opposite stereotype: that of a Trump opponent as a tree-hugging vegan, soft on violent crime and terrorism (to the point of hating the police and the military), socialist, anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-male, etc., etc. Some people are bound to feel more threatened and put off by the latter image than the former.

I would also say that the more affluent and educated Trump supporters -- or at least, Trump voters; many of them might have preferred a different Republican, and may feel even more strongly about that now, but still cling to the idea that it will be worth it compared to having Democrats in control -- are rarely the ones who turn up at Trump rallies, waving their MAGA hats and Confederate flags and chanting for Hillary to be locked up by the Space Force. They're the ones staying home and just mailing in campaign donations. So the image we see in the media when shown a group of Trump supporters is more likely to support the stereotype.
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