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Old 21 March 2008, 09:00 AM
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Icon81 Fatal fiberoptics

Comment: I would like to pass
along a rumor that I have come across numerous times during my career as a
Broadcast Engineer. A small portion of my job deals with fiber optics and
their termination (fancy name for putting the ends on) and this aspect of
the job is the topic of the rumor. The rumor is "if you get a splinter of
fiber optic glass into your finger or under your skin it will eventually
work itself into your bloodstream and be pumped toward your heart where it
will then kill you." I have asked a few friends who do nothing but
terminate fiber and they say that they have hundreds of fiber splinters
and are alive and well but they have heard the rumor as well. When
terminating a fiber optic cable small pieces of glass are generated during
the scoring and trimming process. The shards are dangerous because they
are nearly invisible, very thin, sharp, ridged, and can blind a person
easily so much care must be taken in collecting and disposing of them.
Fiber professionals terminate hundreds of fiber ends at a time and out in
the field the collection of the shards is probably ignored especially in a
construction installation setting. Millions of fiber ends are terminated
every year but I don't know anyone personally who has died because of a
fiber optic splinter to the heart.
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Old 21 March 2008, 11:39 AM
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They kinda debunked the rumor on their own, didn't they?
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