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Old 03 June 2014, 04:36 PM
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Default Fundraiser for a course: Learn how to be a real developer

Full disclosure:- This is from someone I know online. And I gave him the spark of an idea that he is building up, so I have somewhat vested interest in this succeeding

Systemup: An affordable online course that makes you a real developer

f you know the basics of programming, you can probably make things. However, unfortunately, the ability to make things doesn't mean you know how to make them in the right way. Example: It maybe easy for you to make something like a contact-form - a program that lets users send messages to someone. It's good, but what would happen when your program starts to receive heavy load - say, 1 million messages each minute? How do you manage it? Let's forget the load for now. What would happen when you wanted to add lots more features to your app in few days? Maybe you will need to work with other developers, but how would you split the work with them and make sure that integration will not fail at the end? What tools should you use to work with other developers? How do you make sure that you have tested everything and that it will hardly fail or the security won't be compromised? How do you make sure that your managers (if any), and new developers will not find what you made hard to manage?

Systemup is an innovative online course that gives you this knowledge with lots of interactive sessions. The motivation of the Systemup project is to make you do things in the right way, giving you the knowledge of the latest methods, tools, techniques, and technologies available.
This course doesn't teach you how to program. It takes you to the next level by showing you how it;s done professionally. Many times, we have people right out of college, who know how to code, but are not familiar with all the tools and techniques used in professional environments. This course is more or less a case study that shows you how a project is built in a professional environment from soup to nuts. It will show you a particular "stack" of tools, and also show you why those tools are used the way they are, so you can translate that learning into a different stack

It might be interesting for people who don't really want to learn how to code, but want to see what goes on behind the curtain
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