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Old 12 February 2019, 08:07 PM
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Default Hindu Girl banned from Catholic school after getting nose pierced

I should note that some stricter schools do allow for hair dye, but only as long as it’s a natural colour (EDIT: To clarify: human colour, and not streaked. I also don’t know specifically about Catholic schools, as my experience only covers nondenominational private schools)

In a statement, Aranmore Catholic College Principal Declan Tanham, told SBS Hindi:

"All families who choose to apply to enrol at the College are interviewed. The student and the parent are both asked, “are you prepared to comply with the College’s Uniform Policy, Behaviour Policy and all other College policies?

The statement went on to say that this is done both verbally and in writing, with the policies also published on the College website.

"If they choose to do so, then the process continues, if they are not willing to support the College Policies then the family is encouraged to seek another more compatible educational opportunity. Our process is open and transparent and we allow the parent to consider their choice and if they wish to go ahead, then it is on the basis described.”

"I really feel bad, and disappointed, because I thought this is a modern society, how can a kid not go to the school of his choice, just because he is wearing a religious clothing?"
However, Mrs Singhal says the school uniform policy is inconsistent.

"The school allows headscarf for those girls who follow Islam. There are girls in the school who have coloured their hair despite it not complying with rules. The policy is inconsistent," she says.

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