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Old 24 February 2019, 09:04 PM
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Default School shopping is killing off the local high school

I realise this is so location specific that it applies to a place I’ve never called home. I also share this while remembering that the whole “district/whatever’s closest” thing has only applied to me twice in my life (when I was in primary, my Qld school was 20 minutes away, but the only route there involved passing a much closer school. My Melbourne school was only 5 mins away. My high school was a GPS school and my US house was chosen after a suitable school was found—with the intention that my sister also was to go to that school. She ended up being shuffled off to Junior High, because everyone was confused).

Chris Presland from the Secondary Principals Council said research showed that many families were aspirational in relation to their child's education, and sought schools with greater levels of social advantage than the area in which they lived.

"What you see happening, particularly in a big metro area like Sydney, is people are realising you don't have to pay a fortune for a good education by going to a private school. You can get to a public school in a higher socio-economic area," he said.

"People have an over-inflated idea of the differences between schools. Mostly it's garbage. The truth is there's very little difference."
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Old 24 February 2019, 09:18 PM
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United States

Seems similar to some issues in the US, specifically private school vouchers (which may be just enough of a boost for the truly middle class to afford a private school while children from working class families are left in underfunded public schools in a downward spiral) and charter schools (which may not actually be any better—may even be worse in some cases due to lax regulation—than public schools, but which take money from school systems funded on a per student basis).

Oh, and magnet schools.

Basically, anything that separates socio-economic groups with disproportionate wealth and influence from those who attend public school, thereby insulating them from the problem of failing or underfunded schools that "other people's children" have no choice but to go to.
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Old 25 February 2019, 07:05 AM
Jusenkyo no Pikachu Jusenkyo no Pikachu is offline
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Here’s another part of the problem:

(By which I mean: that entire website)

And another:

I don’t think you’ll meet a teacher who likes NAPLAN testing.
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