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Old 02 September 2015, 10:25 PM
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St. Louis has had a large traffic circle since the Depression. It's large enough to have businesses facing it, so you not only have street traffic entering and leaving, but traffic from the service station, pizza parlor, and the like, as well.!8i6656
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Old 03 September 2015, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by StrangeOne View Post
Roundabouts are fine as long as the traffic isn't too high in volume. There are a couple around here where the traffic is all heading in one direction at certain times, and if you're on the wrong entrance waiting for a gap can be a nightmare.
That can be a problem. There is one I use quite regularly which clearly has this problem. Thankfully from my point of view I'm generally using it in the easier way, the return trip which could cause a problem tends to be late enough for it not to be a concern.

Something like this would be my worst nightmare though.
It's nowhere near as bad as it looks. I wasn't intending to go near it the first time I drove through there, but found it fine.
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