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Default Here Are the Non-conforming Parts As Requested

20 odd years ago I first heard the tale of a Japanese supplier who didn't understand why Americans wanted defective goods. The order from (US corporation) has said "defective parts must not exceed 5%" so the Japanese supplier sent 100% good parts + "here are your 5% of defective parts as per your order, separately packaged". This got used in a few Design for Six Sigma courses and quality assurance training courses I've been on.

Yesterday I heard a variation thereof in the AS/EN9100C training course, which I assume to UL, or at least invented for the sake of the course.

The auditor wanted evidence of how non-conforming product was handled during the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process was good enough that the company didn't have any non-conforming product so they were unable to demonstrate the process for handling non-conformance. They got an audit fail. At the re-assessment, they proudly showed the auditor a batch of non-conforming product, showing how it was marked, segregated, diagnosed and rectified. The auditor was both impressed and appalled - impressed that they could demonstrate their process and appalled that their standards had evidently slipped so much that they now had defective products coming through their manufacturing process.

The Managing Director then explained that they still had no real non-conforming products, so they'd had to deliberately make some in order to get an audit pass.

(Since I know no 100% perfect manufacturing lines, I assume this to be a teaching anecdote/UL)
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