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Default The pony/dog that gave directions

Has anyone come across this UL or variants thereof?

Back in the mid 70s I was in the "horsey phase" that many girls seem to go through. I had various pony annuals each Christmas or from 2nd hand book stalls at fetes etc (Princess Pony Annual, Sindy Pony Annual), the oldest being about 1969. For dating purposes, I can't remember if the first version of the tale I read was from a new or 2nd hand annual, but I'd guess at early 70s as I seem to recall it being on a coloured background. Here's the first version - presented as a strange/spooky story (written as a true story, but probably didn't actually say "true") in one of those annuals:

Girl out riding in a wood gets lost and it is getting dark. She comes to a fork in the road and has just decided to go right when a voice very clearly says "left, left". There is no-one else around. She goes left and after a while finds herself back at a familiar landmark and can find her way home from there. Later that night, after settling her pony in its stable she notices it has developed a slight cough that sounds exactly like "left, left". Also, had she taken the right hand fork, she'd have ended up even more lost and possibly heading into danger (a steep riverbank or whatever, invisible in the dark).

Anyway, for years I believed it was true. Then many years later I came across this version which I think was presented as a true story (cannot for the life of me remember where):

Woman walking dog gets lost and it is getting late. Comes to a fork in the path and has decided to take the left hand fork when someone says "right, right". There is no-one else around. She goes right and finds her way home before nightfall. Later she notices her dog has a cough that sounds exactly like "right".

has anyone heard any other variants, or versions that pre-date the early 1970s pony one? it sounds like something from a spooky short story that has been cribbed and turned into UL.
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