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Old 08 December 2008, 08:48 AM
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Icon104 When the Secret Service comes calling

Everyone seemed to find something in this episode to be outraged about. Federal Agents had no business browbeating this good small town Republican Texas woman. They had no business questioning her free speech rights. They had no business twisting her words like that, and besides, everyone is outraged about abortion and already hate Barack Obama, so there. Send this email to everyone you know!

Since the story chewed up so much email bandwidth it might be worthwhile finding out if the story is even true. The people at, those intrepid investigators of Urban Legends and email hoaxes, marked this one as "Undetermined."

Aha, another reason to be outraged. Almost immediately, “Send This to Everyone You Know” emails began circulating, charging that Snopes was sitting on the story until after the election. One pass-it-on email claimed Snopes was run by a villainous arch-liberal husband and wife team who labeled the article "Undecided" to protect their precious Obama. It was a conspiracy.
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