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Old 29 January 2007, 05:46 PM
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Mister Ed Weather-predicting goats

Comment: I've long heard the story of the Texas farmer's
weather-predicting goats. He was supposedly bragging about them on a
call-in show on the radio, and that they were more reliable than the TV
weather forecast. The local TV station heard about it and got their
feelings hurt and challenged the goats to a "duel". They talked with the
farmer each night by phone and got the goats' "prediction" by virtue of
where they bedded down for the night. If the goats were on the hill under
the trees, rain was predicted for the next day (goats hate to be wet),
whereas if they were in the low meadow (for quicker access to grazing the
next morning), then fair weather was likely. They tracked the results of
the goats versus the TV meteorologist for a month, and found the goats
were right about 95% of the time, and the TV station was right only 45%.
Any truth to this?
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