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Default The IRS has left the building

snopes posted a bit of mail in the "We've got mail" section that claimed that something terrible was going to happen because the IRS had moved to Costa Rica. The proof was " The IRS seems to have disappeared from Washington, D.C. " I found the whole story posted to Quatloos message board. Quatloos mainly discusses financial fraud, tax protesters and other money rumors.

The "disappearance" of the IRS. You need to scroll down about a quarter of the way to get to it. It begins "transcribed and edited for conformity to American Standard English." What is of concern is that "the IRS has moved out of 1111 Constitutional [sic] Avenue and only security police are there. "

A tip off that something evil is going on is that the new IRS location in Maryland (which it took forever to find, because there was conspiracy to hide it) has some obvious symbolism
Upon arriving I went to the IRS building to find as I approached the building two pillars in front to the building just like the Masonic hands we all have seen the right hand cupped and pointing to the sky, and the left hand with the index finger pointing to the sky, they were about 30-40 feet apart, and in the middle back about 40 feet was a 10 foot high pyramid.
It looks like the IRS temporarily relocated to Maryland. Posters on the message board note that "Of course the fact that the building at 1111 Constitution Avenue underwent severe flooding several months ago has nothing to do with the IRS moving out." and "The fact that most IRS employees have been back at their old offices since December 8 also seems to have escaped their notice. "

On December 11, the Washington Post reported IRS Employees Return Nearly 6 Months After Flooding Closed Headquarters (registration may be required)
The Internal Revenue Service headquarters building, at 1111 Constitution Ave. NW, has reopened, almost six months after heavy rains flooded the basement and sub-basement, destroying electrical and air-conditioning equipment.
Not sure if the employees have been recalled from Costa Rica...
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