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Old 08 February 2019, 02:19 PM
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Default The Law VS Willy Wonka

Apparently discussing this subject is not new, but I stumbled onto it via that video.

I have a few issues with it:

First off, the contest is shown to affect the entire world, with tickets being found in America, Britain, Germany and explicitly not Argentina. That said, wherever Charlie lives is vaguely Western Europe (background details show a West German location, while the accents are all over the place and Charlie has a paper route. Also, “Slugworth” never specifies a currency when he confronts Charlie), although a newscast actually places it in America. I would in fact say it’s a bit hard to narrow the law down there when the net is so wide.

Second, while a point can be made that the river really should have been railed off (at least from the Oompa Loompa side), I have issue with the food safety part given that we see Wonka putting an old shoe into a formula and he has other bizarre processes for making candy. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Augustus is saved from the fudge room, but who’s to say that Wonka doesn’t have treatment processes for all the rest of the chocolate?

Third, shouldn’t the Wondrous Boat Ride be an issue? I’ve not seen it mentioned in this video or elsewhere.

Fourth, I’m not going to dispute the whole oral contract thing (or the contract they sign at the beginning of the tour, which definitely demonstrates “frippery”), but exactly how was Wonka going to test the gum? We never see any awkwardly shaped Oompa Loompas, so either they’re elsewhere in the factory or they healed. Either way, Wonka can’t exactly machine test something so subjective and actually needs to figure out what turns them into blueberries.

Fifth, I don’t know if the Eggdicators should have been walled off, and Veruca was an idiot...but why are there steps leading up to the platform? Even if the Salts don’t sustain injuries, she kinda had this one coming, though, having very deliberately stood on a thing that is not designed to take her.

Sixth, Mike explicitly survives the Wonkavision with no ill effect. We never learn his ultimate fate beyond a statement from Wonka, but the only issue is that he gets shrunk (whereas all the other kids get some form of suffering).

Finally, I have no clue on the labour laws. I don’t think there are any provisions for uplifting a country’s entire population and putting them in a factory, but they seem happy with the situation.
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