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Old 07 June 2016, 04:47 AM
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Default Absolute garbage.

Some salesmen are full of crap, and will tell you anything for a quick sale. Reality is, that they don't want to let you know how little they pay for the OEM OS. For large venders, it is a pittance.
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Old 20 June 2016, 05:37 AM
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Originally Posted by flyboywiz View Post
It makes no sense that selling a computer without software is illegal. What about bare bones PCs? Maybe you are referring to computers sold at stores like Best Buy?
This is old, but so is this thread:

So yeah, not only you can buy a PC without an OS, you can even buy a DELL PC without an OS. You just may have to go directly to the manufacturer.

In the linked conversation, the salesperson explains that they don't generally sell the PC without an OS because they don't want people to be surprised. Furthermore, he explains that not all of their PCs may be tested with whatever OS you intend to install on it. But he does agree to sell him one.

It's not illegal. There may, in fact be contracts between the manufacturer and whatever store is selling that PC to sell it with the software that the manufacturer specifies. But that's different (And, in any case, breaking a contract is not identical to breaking the law).
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