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Old 09 June 2014, 06:54 AM
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The page above ( wouldn't even have put that guy in the top 40, let alone "oldest". They've not recorded his death yet, but he was at 66 on their list... They have recorded the death of the person he supposedly replaced, Arturo Licata, and even that guy would only have been number 40.

I know that no site can be exactly up-to-date - they say it was last updated on May 14th this year - but it looks like they do make some effort to check things. I wonder who the people doing the "certification" in the other story are, and why there's such a difference?

(eta) Oddly, it appears to be the same people - although maybe the Torrance Gerontology Research Group isn't affiliated to the "Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta" GRG...

(eta again) D'oh! I think I'm still being confused by this "man" versus "person" thing. He is the first man on that list. Just that there were 65 known women who are / were older.

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