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Old 07 May 2014, 01:18 AM
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Originally Posted by imjustasteph View Post
Just once, in high school, in a stupid panic, I planned to cheat on a test. I wrote myself a cheat sheet that was probably an inch by 3 inches, folded it, and put it inside my watchband. I went to class and learned that in the process of writing the formulas several times (I resized the sheet twice) I had learned them.
//hijack// That was an episode of Growing Pains.

Mike made a cheat sheet and stuck it under his watch band. He did well on the exam, without cheating, but he dropped his cheat sheet. The teacher found the cheat sheet, and drama ensued. Mike proved that he new the material in an oral exam, and was allowed to retake the test in his underwear.

I have no idea why I remember that. //hijack//
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Old 28 May 2014, 06:44 AM
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I had one class where they let you bring in one sheet of paper with anything you wanted written on it. The professor had to specify it had to be written on the paper by hand, because he said someone previously had apparently copied pages of the textbook in a smaller size and stapled them to the paper.
I also had a Biology professor who would give us a list of about 75 questions or so and tell us he'd be picking 10 questions from that list to be on the (essay) test. I liked that one.
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