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Old 25 December 2017, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by dfresh View Post
Esprise Me, my wife never wanted to teach the kids about Santa, due to the idea of lying to the kids. (I didn't much care either way.) However, she did tell them about fairies, and magic, and decided that the kids believing in magic and wonder and a spirit who loved enough to spread joy everywhere was a very good thing, so the kids got to hear about Santa. Childhood can be a wonderful time if you make it so, and so we try to encourage that as long as possible. They will figure out the truth soon enough.
This is how my husband and I have always felt about Santa as well. For me the whole "my parents lied to me"attitude about finding out about Santa has always puzzled me. Did these people have no magic or fairy tales in their life other than Santa? Did their parents also lie when they read them Peter Rabbit? After all bunnies don't really wear clothes or drink camomile tea!
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