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Old 18 April 2007, 03:50 AM
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Hello Kitty 'Hello Kitty' Ferrari

Comment: Can you guys find out if this pic is real? It looks a little photoshopped to me. I'm no expert though. Please let me know if you actually find out!

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Old 18 April 2007, 04:17 AM
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Ahh, yes. I remember that thread quite well!
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Old 19 April 2007, 05:20 PM
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Well this picture may be a shop job, but I'm making it my life's work to create the real thing. I love me some Hello Kitty, and having a HKCar would be the coolest thing ever*

*Obviously, "coolness" is a very relative term.
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Old 23 April 2007, 12:23 AM
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Isn't that 4K's car?
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Old 23 April 2007, 04:55 PM
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Brad ... I like your sense of humor. Thanks for making me smile this morning.
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