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Old 03 January 2018, 01:42 AM
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Default Little things that annoy you

The cold, dry air here is really irritating the inside of my nose. As usual, I've already had a couple of nosebleeds, but even without that it's rather painful.
Old 03 January 2018, 12:24 PM
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Heavt breathing

A humidifier--either whole house or desktop one--is your friend. You can also try some saline spray.
Old 03 January 2018, 02:16 PM
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One my of my cats likes to walk under foot. It is an outdoor cat, so most of the time, I'm not around it. The cat also likes to rub all over and walk under foot of one of my dogs when he (the dog) is outside. I'm surprised I haven't either tripped over it and hurt myself or the cat.
Old 03 January 2018, 02:52 PM
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My family gave me a new computer. This doesn't annoy me in the least; very much the reverse. What annoys me is this:

The instructions say to read a guide before setting up the computer. The guide, however, is not included as a printout in the box: it's available online. In Apple Books format. Which requires an OS that my old computer is not capable of updating to. It's because I can't update the old one that I need a new one. So . . . I can't get the guide that I'm supposed to read before setting up the new computer until after I set up the new computer. I'm annoyed that they didn't just make it a PDF.

(There is something of a workaround, which makes it only a little thing annoying me: I can read it online on the old one, and copy bits of it and print it out. I can't read it online on the old one while setting up the new one, however, because I have to disconnect the old one before setting up the new one, because there's only one monitor and keyboard involved (they're both mini macs.)
Old 03 January 2018, 02:58 PM
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1. My co-workers send OOTO calendar items with reminders on them. I don't need a reminder 15 minutes before Horatio leaves for his afternoon off.

2. WageWorks once again sent me a bus pass that cannot be activated and used, because the hard expiration date on the back is 12/31/2017. At least this time I found out before I tried to use the damn thing. But now I have to leave early one day, or make a special trip, to stop at the transit office and exchange it for a usable pass.
Old 03 January 2018, 03:11 PM
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A gift card was rejected since it was expired. The clerk pointed out that it expired on October 25th, and didn't understand when I explained that 10/25 means October of 2025. He just looked at me and said "October was a couple of months ago." I was able to use the card elsewhere, but the point of the gift card was my sister wanted my son to be able to take me to the Last Jedi and binge on movie food, not for me to pay for the movie and food and use the gift card to buy groceries the next day.
Old 03 January 2018, 10:33 PM
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On retail folks not understanding dates: we once tried to return a pair of pants at a store with a 90 day refund policy. The girl at the cash told us we couldn't return them, because it had been longer than 3 months. I said, "No, we bought them June 12th." And she said, "Exactly. June, July, August. Three months." (It was mid-August.)

Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
1. My co-workers send OOTO calendar items with reminders on them. I don't need a reminder 15 minutes before Horatio leaves for his afternoon off.
Can't you decline them?
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