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Old 18 February 2016, 12:15 AM
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Cheer Products you like

I thought we had a thread like this before, by my attempts at thread necromancy have failed.

Look at my user name. I'm a big girl, bigger than most (6 ft. or damn close to it), and I finally got tired of so-called 2XL shirts that show my belly button when I raise my arms.

Having seen the following commercial, I decided to give them a shot and ordered a shirt.

I ordered a 2XL shirt after measuring myself using their scale, and after a federal holiday and a weather delay, my shirt finally came today.


The shirt fits well and isn't tight around the arms like I'm accustomed to. The shirt is indeed "long," and comes very nearly to the bottom of my zipper.

If you're taller than average or just don't want a belly-shirt (even with shirts that aren't supposed to be), I'm hereby suggesting giving them a shot.
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Old 18 February 2016, 01:31 AM
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The tank tops from Duluth Trading Company also have built-in bra-strap holders, which is always a plus.
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Old 18 February 2016, 02:07 AM
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They make serious work clothes for serious workers.

Some years ago, they apparently noticed that there were significant numbers of women doing physical work, and that their rather macho-saturated catalogs were missing out on a sizeable market; they now carry quite a few things aimed at women. I'm somewhat put off, however, by their calling the tool pockets in women's pants "pointy things pockets". That always makes me suspect that they're smaller than the ones that the men's catalog just calls tool pockets.
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