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Old 21 September 2018, 06:04 PM
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In fact, I think that very issue is what is causing some fairly major communication difficulties for me in your (JnP) posts here. You seem to assume a common context, so that you refer, for example, to random people (who turn out to be what I consider random YouTube spouters of garbage -- and some of non-garbage) by nicknames or handles as if everyone would know who they are, what they are on about, and would care if someone else took one of their videos apart. It comes across to me as if you are speaking in a highly specialized jargon -- almost a foreign language.

This is not a context we all share. I almost never click on videos. I do not spend time watching people spout nonsense unless I'm, for some reason, particularly interested, like if the person in question is the US president. I know there is a tremendous amount of garbage on YouTube, which is why I need a reason to click on a link to a video. And the reason has to be better than, here's someone spouting a particular brand of nonsense, and here's someone with a good answer to it. Or person spouting nonsense, and people are listening to them, but I think they're wrong.
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Old 22 September 2018, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
One way to de-platform people is not to read/watch them.
Alternatively, don't share their videos and comments and possibly don't even share the videos and comments of people who are indirectly feeding their fame hunger by disseminating their click-bait based arguments.

This is not something sinister. It's simply a case of walking away when you hear some nutcase yelling on a street corner. Freedom of speech does not require you to stop and engage with said nutcase.
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