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Old 11 January 2018, 04:04 PM
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Default My dog has cancer, and is getting chemo

I just needed somewhere to write this down, to get it out.
R2, my two year old lab mix, has been diagnosed with t-cell lymphoma, and has just started chemotherapy. Early December last year, my wife had to go to her parents, and I was home with the dogs. I noticed a large lump (really large, like 5"X 3"X 2") on his leg. I took him to the vet, and they thought it might just be a bruise, based on how quickly it appeared. They couldn't get any fluid out of it when they tried at the time. They said to monitor for a week, and if it didn't get better to bring him back. I brought him back, and they took a biopsy . With Christmas going on, it was delayed, but when it came back was inconclusive, but definitely a round cell tumor. They needed to do a blood test, so we had them do that. When I took him to get the sutures from the biopsy removed, they had the results back, and referred me to a veterinary oncologist.
Based on what they saw, they ruled out a few things, but needed to do a few more stains to determine exactly what could be done. By this point, he was starting to have trouble breathing. There were a couple of sleepless nights this week as we tried to soothe him. The vet thought that the most likely cause was a high grade Mast cell (?), and there was indication that it had spread to his lymph nodes. After staying up all night, and seeing him in distress, we called to see what could be done. She got him on steroids, which helped a bit.
They got the stains back really fast, and found it is lymphoma. Not good, but apparently a bit better than a high grade mast cell. The steroids have shrunk the tumor, and he has had his first treatment with no apparent side effects. He's back to wanting to play ball all the time. We know that he likely doesn't have a lot of time left, which hurts with him being as young as he is, but we at least get a few more months with him, and he is doing well enough that he can chase the ball at the park.
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